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A Physician’s Introduction to Mindfulness

Physicians and medical students interested in learning more about mindfulness are in for a special treat with “Attending” a new audio recording developed and released by the Institute for Mindfulness Studies.

Attending offers medical professionals a general introduction to mindfulness along with three mindfulness exercises they will find helpful for stress reduction, clarity and insight, and empathy and compassion.

Based on the Medisight, the mindfulness teaching method developed for physicians, this informative and creative recording will both stimulate a deeper understanding of what mindfulness is and offer an accessible vehicle to practice it.

Listeners will reconnect with Hippocrates, Sir William Osler, and William James as they learn exercises called “The Beta Blocker,” “Patients are a Virtue” and the title track, “Attending.”

Each exercise consists of two tracks, (1) an introduction and (2) the guided practice so that the exercise portion can be easily found for purposes of review and practice.  

“Attending” offers physicians easy to learn and follow exercises that integrate fundamental mindfulness teachings and practices. To the novice, it offers a solid introduction and to the practitioner it offers a fresh approach with which to explore a familiar terrain.

If you are interested in learning more about this recording, feel free to contact us by clicking here. Bulk orders for educational institutions are available at a discount.  

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(Released: 2010)